Missing Persons Warriors

Amber Cammack-Holman

Amber Cammack is the founder of Houston's Voice For The Missing and has specialized in Missing Persons and human trafficking  investigations for over 10 years. Amber has successfully worked hand and hand with authorities throughout the United States to help bring home a countless number of missing people and bring down several major trafficking rings. This work includes going undercover in mutiple human trafficking rings for DPS, Local police, the FBI AND homeland security. Amber also has an extensive background in black market adoption and parental kidnapping cases. Over the years she has reunited hundreds of mothers with their children who where illegally sold on the black market in the 1980s. Amber has also successfully located victims of parental kidnapping who had been taken out of the United States. She has a stellar reputation for tracking the untraceable and is known for takitaking on cases most consider "the unsolvable".

Teresa Wilson

Originally a dog rescuer, and advocate for abused animals, Teresa W decided to  involved  with helping families with missing loved ones after attending a missing persons event and hearing the horror stories about human trafficking and lack of attention given to missing children. Teresa now volunteers her time  helping raise awareness, education our community on human trafficking, printing/posting missing persons flyers and helping assist in the search and recovery of underage trafficking victims. 

Ashley N.

Ashley N. Is an asset to the missing persons world and Houston's Voice For The Missing. Ashley volunteers her time to pass missing persons flyers, assist in searches and educate our community on  human trafficking. Ashley, became involved in Missing persons after interviewing Amber Cammack for a college project she was doing on uman Trafficking.

Doc Greene

Doc Greene donates three hours of airtime on the #AmazingDocGreeneShow every wed for families to speak out against the injustice in the missing persons world. Doc airs what mainstream media edits out and works hard to get the faces of missing children out in the public. He truely is the voice for the voiceless. 

Lisa J Mathews

Lisa J Mathews is a Montgomery county attorney and owner of Lisa J Mathews law firm is Conroe TX. Lisa volunteers countless hours and legal services for Houston's Voice For The Missing.  Lisa became involved in the missing persons community after her daughter went missing and she received little to no help from law enforcement. 

Joann Lowitzer

Seven years ago, Joann Lowitzer became involved in raising awareness for  missing after her 16 year old daughter Ali Lowitzer vanished getting off her school bus in Spring, TX. Joann has moved mountains and  brought huge amounts of awareness to the injustice families like hers face when their child goes missing. 

Marcie Deats

Marcie started advocating for missing children after a member of her family went missing years back. She has helped search and safely bring home many children throughout the years.