Some Aren't Always What They Apprear To Be

Sadly, in the world of missing persons not everyone has good intentions. A "missing persons fraud" can be anyone from, someone who is just after grieving families money, an organization who falsely claim to specialize in Missing persons (MISSING children) or human trafficking, to the actual perpetrators themselves. Despite the motive behind a missing persons scammers, due to the fact they can do massive damage to a case, we felt  families and volunteers should be made aware of the dangers that lurk. To the scammers featured on our site, we are the advocates they warned you about.... enjoy your 15 minutes of shame!

Fraud Alerts

Registered Sex offender James M Carroll

WARNING: THIS TEXAS SEX OFFENDER JAMES CARROLL (AKA "JIM CARROLL" or "JIM"), IS ATTEMPTING TO INVOLVE HIMSELF IN MISSING PERSONS CASES BY TRYING TO JOIN VERIOUS NON PROFIT GROUPS AND CONTACTING FAMILIES WITH  MISSING CHILDREN AND THE VOLUNTEERS WHO HELP FAMILIES WITH MISSING LOVED ONES. This creep gets some sort of sick satisfaction from gaining the trust of grieving families or volunteers so they tell them their stories.... if a family or volunteer doesn't feed into his game he then proceeds to stalk, threaten, harass and attempts to exploits the families. This man is a documented pedophile and needs to be stopped...... 

Texas Sex Offender Archive Record For:James Maurel Carroll

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Last known address:

419 1/2- San Jacinto St ,Apt #102

Houston    TX 77002

Gender: M

Age: 50

DOB: 1962-08-31

Height: 6 ft. 0 in.

Weight: 160

Race/Ethnicity: White

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Alias(es): Carroll,James Maurel (Primary) ; Carroll,James; Carroll,James M; Carroll,James Mauael; Carroll,James Mavrel; Jim; Jim Carroll; Jim Maurel


Risk Level: Moderate



Offense and Court Details

Statute: §43.26 (A)


Supervision/Registration Details

Start Date: 2006-12-28

Status: PAROLE